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Your Gift Matters

You're changing lives and opening doors for the gifted and impoverished children we serve. All donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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The U.S. dollar goes much further in India's economy. Consider this:

• $10,000 provides food for LIFT students and staff for 9 months.

• $6,000 provides a full four-year LIFT scholarship for one student. (Tuition, room and board, and leadership training)

• $2,500 provides uniforms for students for one year.

$1,500 underwrites a full LIFT scholarship for one student for one year.

• $1,000 provides annual room & board, transportation, and medical expenses for one student.

• $500 provides annual tuition at an English language school for one student or annual University tuition for one student.

• $300 provides tablets, accessories and internet for one student for 9 months.

• $250 covers a year's worth of nutritious meals for one student.

• $100 provides annual tuition at a Tamil language school (Tamil is the native language of the LIFT students).

To donate by mail, please make check payable to LIFT USA and mail to

47 West Division Street, Unit 354

Chicago, IL 60610

For questions, call (312) 543-4321or email

Watch the video to learn what a LIFT education means to our students.